Kaizen Social Marketing Agency

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means the practice of continuous improvement.


What do we do?

We are a digital marketing agency committed to helping socially responsible brands grow their online presence and generate new leads.

We specialize in Social Media Management and E-commerce Solutions like Shopify, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Influencer Programs and more.


These are some of our principles:

✓ Set up strong foundations

✓ Build clear and creative strategies

✓ Set up SMART goals

✓ Great processes that bring great results

✓ Try new methods to find the winning approach

✓ Tracking results and speaking with data

✓ Transparent and honest communication

✓ Work as a team

✓ Make the world a better place by supporting the growth of conscious business


We believe that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time and from working together to create these improvements.

Clients and Collaborations


Alexandra was a joy to work with, Alex managed display advertising and had a particular focus on expanding our relationship and growth with Facebook. Alex was meticulous about her campaigns: from strategy to execution to analysis. She was confident in her abilities and delivered excellent sales results to our acquisition team. During her time working with us, Alex managed to grow the Social Media Marketing channel by 100% through attention to detail in targeting and improved creative.
— Stacey Weir, Sr Marketing Manager
Alex - always positive and also praiseworthy where she believes credit is due - says I am great with words. Ironically enough, it is hard to find adequate ones to give a proper recommendation for Alexandra. She is top class in and out of the workplace. She runs marathons and goes the same distance for work. Alex is the kind who everyone wants on their team; a contributor in any environment. Quick and upbeat, she is already making an impact in her community...and Alex is a world citizen! I not only highly recommended Alex as a professional, but I endorse her as a true friend.
— Alison Blair Stiegler, Omnicom Media Group